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Hi From Scuderia Kouba, based near Portland, Oregon USA

Hi there,

Thanks to Jim for setting this up.  Will be neat to see what comes out of it!

My name is Chris and last year was my first experience with gravity racing.  There is a fantastic event in Portland ( which I had a friend enter in 2016.  He did quite well for the constraints of the entry he built, but I had a feeling I could go faster.  I piggy-backed on the momentum he had built with recruiting support people to get the whole circus to the hill and started building a car for the 2017 event.  Actually, I started building two cars due to another friend wanting to go faster too.

After months of building and a decent testing schedule, we showed up on the day (my birthday, BTW) and had an unbelievably good time at the event, and somehow, I won the whole thing.  To top it off, the other car I built won its class as well, sending us home with overall, class, and best rookie trophies.

Needless to say, I am quite hooked.  I've found this is a great way to be creative, to feed my desire to build vehicular creations, to go fast (in our testing, we saw over 60mph on the GPS), and to be competitive in a seriously fun manner.  The gang we recruited for the team has been a blast to go out and play with, and the crews we competed against have been just as hell bent on having a competitively good time as we are.  And to top it off, there are spending caps and VERY low consumable costs!

We'll be back on the hill again this year with three cars.  Swing by and say hi if you're in the neighborhood on the 3rd Saturday in August (8/18/18).


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Quick update now that the 2018 event is in the books.


The Mk II (last year's 5th place car, #8 in the below pic) had a rough day and ended up rolling out of the competition on its first pass.  We did recover it and the (unscathed) driver and managed a second pass, but the ET down the hill wasn't anything to be proud of and it wasn't very directionally stable, so we retired it for the day.


The Mk I (last year's winner, #36 in the pic below) qualified 2nd seed and ran all the way through to the finals, but got off line in the Learning Curve and slipped from 2nd to 3rd, but the driver (Jenny Burns) was still very happy to be in the finals and was the first woman to ever stand on the podium.


The Mk V (middle car in the pic below) made an authoritative debut.  I was the #1 qualifier and regularly ran in the 72-73 second range.  With another good start in the final, I kept the Mk I and the other competitor in my mirrors to take another overall victory and became the first person to win it back-to-back years.


The cars staged to load for this year's (2018) event:

New for 2018, the Mark V


The Mk V in motion (thanks to Jason DeSomer on the hill!):

On the way to victory again!

What a great event and super proud of the team and our results!

More pics if you're interested here: