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L'Ultime Descente

Hey guys,

GravityNoob here! 🙂

Can someone point me to the actual rules under which the Ultime Descente is/was run? Are there special rules for this event or is the ruleset that applies there?


The WGSA rules are for records only. I think if there are any rules by the organizers they will be posted when the event is announced officially which we are anticipating soon. The WGSA is not involved in the event, just the recording of records, however, for the cars if you build to the WGSA rules there shouldn't be any deviations by the organizers.

@gravitynoob - what you thinking of building? 🙂

Gravity Racer and Forum Grand Master(TM) Skateboard Wheel Infamy. We All make Mistakes. 🙂

Nothing extreme, just fast! 😉

I try to build it as small as possible with tiny narrow wheels fitted and at the same time following the WGSA Gravity car rules.

My shoulders define the width of the car, my nose the height...