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The Original Forum Idea

Here's how I announced the plan to build a forum on the Facebook Gravity Racing page. It gives you a good idea of what I want to achieve.


After recent discussion about the IGSA hosting the gravity bike "World Championship"...

Okay, here's my ten cents for what it's worth. I've only been into g racing (cars) in the UK for a couple of years and have limited experience, but I read a fair bit, and this is the way I see it.

Three key points first:

#1. There's no money in gravity racing cars or bikes.

#2 The various disciplines are spread all over the world.

#3 Everyone's reasons for wanting to take part are different.

These three factory neatly wrap up the reason why it's hard to have a singular overarching governing body that organises events and "Championships".

#1. You'd need "staff", time and money, if you are going to have an effective "FIA" of gravity racing.

#2. Global competition would require global logistics which is expensive and often impractical.

#3. Not every competitor wants to be a champion or be the fastest or compete in a "season", and you need enough people who WANT to be organised or compete to your rules and standards to make it worthwhile.

As such, the whole shebang is open to people who want to claim this or that and take little pieces of the pie, and who's to stop them? Many big sports (darts and boxing being two examples) have rival governing bodies, and while i'm sure it may appear simpler and better if they could all unify, perhaps they have their reasons for staying as they are.

To me, it looks like gravity racing isnt quite ready for a unifying body, as it would need some hefty organisation and the cash input from sponsors to pay for it all (or a large amount of well co-ordinated and ego-free volunteers). But i have one suggestion, and it's something that's been discussed a bit recently, and not without criticism (other efforts of this type have not worked out so well), which I do understand.

A worldwide internet forum that we push like crazy and get everyone to use for all the things that currently happen here on Facebook and elsewhere. That way, it's all archived forever (Facebook's not too searchable long term) and it's all in one place. Tech talk, events, build diaries - the lot. If we can do that religiously and build it, and use it like we do Facebook, we can at least look at unifying the global conversation about car and bike g racing and whoever else wants in on the action. There are a lot of relationships to be built to bring things closer, and friendly and democratic collaboration is the only way forwards.

Then maybe, in a few year's time, if and when the time is right, the forum can be used as a springboard to form a governing body (or something like one) that will benefit the sport and provide a framework for competition and participation around the world. To do that we will need to be able to give the public and potential sponsors a clear idea of what g racing is all about (so have in effect a global "brand" for the sport, if not a governing body) to increase participation and to make the sport the kind of household name that commands viewing figures, sponsorship and the means to fund itself, move forwards, and grow.

I can build the forum and test it and get it ready for launch, but it would take every single one of you to make it fly.

I'm not sure where to take things from here, but if you are interested, shoot me an email on so I have you on file and can contact you directly when the time is right. I guess if I don't get any, I'll know it's a non starter... 

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